Mica Mornaghi is an interdisciplinary artist; jeweler, textile designer, gemologist and artisan born in Buenos Aires, living in Mexico City.

Over the years, he has dedicated his studies to the behavior of stones , exploring both the intrinsic knowledge and energy they hold and the way in which human beings converge with them. In this process, she has developed various media, including jewelry, as a tool to establish meaningful links with these natural elements .

Their firm belief in the existence of a substantial connection between our daily lives and power amulets gives rise to creating pieces that are not only aesthetically attractive, but that can also be used for the benefit of our complex society. Its main focus has been research and design oriented towards a healing purpose, seeking to provide elements that promote well-being and harmony in daily life.

In the creation of his works there is an exploration of the being, the body and the relationship with objects, amulets and rituals.