Mica Mornaghi is an artist, jeweler, designer, gemologist and artisan born in Buenos Aires, living in Mexico City.

Her work is focused on jewelry and objects that belong to the field of sculpture, textiles and installation, as well as the body.

She creates jewelry collections and artistic pieces with the intention of telling stories that are linked to her own identity, with visually poetic and symbolic elements, and a great focus on color and composition.

Her personal story has merged with her artistic career organically leading her to place a broad interest in crystals. His studies in gemmology, stoning and crystal healing, knowledge of therapeutic properties; have led her to use minerals as a means of expression in her work with a strong meaning, activating the power of transformation they possess.

In the creation of his works there is an exploration of the being, the body and the relationship/interaction with objects, amulets and rituals.

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